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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Go Forth And Shop

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Now that I am a working girl again, I must shop. Hoping that the Boys in Black and Gold would have a no-brainer game* today, I hit the mall with my Yankee Transplant pal, M. M is a transplant from the same state that Lake Effect Snow Central is located and she and her hubby live in our complex. (Our hubbys were playing golf today).

I bought this skit and a teal sweater from the Loft which sadly is not on their website (I really don't like their revamped website). A stop at Lush was definitely in order. And, no shopping trip is complete without a snack and a iced green tea with mint from the Cheesecake factory.

I wanted to purchase another pair of flats like the ones I mentioned here but in red. Sadly, both the department stores and the Nine West store were out of my size. So, I ordered them from Zappo's, along with these. I have a lot of brown, so these will do nicely.

It's great to have a paycheck again.

*It's a good thing I missed most of that game. They Boys almost blew it.


chel said...

I don't like the new loft site eitehr, mostly because of the ways that you refine your search. I have also not found items I purchased in the store on the website, but when I put in the SKU number, found them. (Yes, I have dug these things out of the trash can to put it in and find a link.) Yay for a shopping/dessert day. :)

rented life said...

You and your pencil skirts! I went on to Loft to look for something for a friend and I hate the revamp. Why change a good thing? I gave up when I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

Shopping is good! Especially when outfitting for the job! Glad you had a fun day :)

Kai said...

Love your "skit" :-P

I need new flats too. Think I'll hit up zappos and see what I can find!