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Monday, October 12, 2009

No One Bites Back As Hard On Her Anger...

Posted by Seeking Solace |

This post may self destruct without notice. It just depends on my comfort level in talking about it.

The situation at work has gotten worse...way worse.

The person that I was supposed to replace is not leaving. A higher authority granted this person her wish, despite the fact that she does not deserve it or have the level of qualifications that is needed. I guess if you bitch and moan enough, you get what you want.

The HMFIC and the Dean are stunned. They can't believe it.

I, on the other hand, am BEYOND PISSED!

What this all means is the I am NOT the director. I will not be part of the paralegal department. I will teach the courses that I have, then transfer to the Beeyatch.

I still have a job and I will still get paid. In what capacity remains to be seen.

There is no other recourse for getting rid of the Beeyatch. Initially, I thought there was, but I guess there is least for now.

Did I mention that I am BEYOND PISSED??

To be fair, The HMFIC and Dean want to keep me; I am able to teach other courses within the College. They do not want me working under the Beeyatch, as she has that name for a reason. I don't mind teaching in another department, But, I didn't sign up to teach in other departments...I signed up to teach law. And, I signed up to be in charge.

I had to hold it together all day today. I have to act like nothing is wrong, so as to not upset the Beeyatch which could result in some retaliation (She is the type). I can't discuss this with anyone, becuase of the privacy issues; most of the College does not know what is going on. I taught my Intro class today; it was a great class. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking "I have go give this to someone whose qualifications are sub-par?

I wanted to cry.


I honestly don't know what to do. I like where I work. I like the students. I even like the HMFIC and the Dean. But geez people, this is beyond unfair.

Did I mention that despite a brief introduction to the Beeyatch, she has not approached me to even schedule a sit down to go over the courses. Um, wouldn't you want to do that right away?

Folks, I am confused, perplexed and bewildered...and BEYOND PISSED!

Input would be greatly appreciated.


RageyOne said...

Crap! That really sucks. Did I read correctly that you will turn over the classes that you are teaching to the B?

It sounds like B knows someone or has something on higher ups to continue in this position. One would think they would focus on the qualifications. But I guess that is too much like right.

It is a good thing that the Dean and HMFIC are on your side and know the wrath of this person, and want you to continue, but that is quite disappointing.

I am so sorry you are going through this. You were so excited about this opportunity! This really bites.

Do the students, your first semester ones, have any say?

Seeking Solace said...

Yes, I have to turn the classes over to her. Can you say "Disruption"?

No, the students don't have any say. It's a contract issue.


RageyOne said...

Major disruption! I can't believe B would want that for those students. :( Quite selfish on her part.

Clearly those that made this determination aren't concerned with the well-being of the students, and that is really sad.

Kai said...

Oh ick! Sorry about the suckage!

Anonymous said...

WTF were they thinking? This is unbelievable. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Can you renew your job search on the QT?

What other department are you moving to and what would you be teaching?

Seeking Solace said...

Sherlock:: I'm thinking about it, I just don't know.

I can teaching the gen ed department and one or two courses in the business department.

chel said...

I agree with Sherlock on - what WERE they thinking? Also, even though the HMFIC and the dean are supportive of you, I would take this situation - just the very existence of it - as a huge red flag.

I am so sorry this has happened because I know how excited you were about this, and it sounds like there is so much that is good.

Do you have to teach tomorrow? I would definitely try to let some time pass to process this because quite frankly, this is just so bizarre and unexpected to me, that if it were me, I'd have to get past the shock to figure out objectively what the next step should be.


comebacknikki said...

Oh, SS, I'm so sorry. I have to agree with Ragey - it really sounds like she knows someone/something & is being given special consideration. That really, really, sucks. :(


TiredProf said...

Do you have any recourse here vis-a-vis the university? Every school is different but if you have things in writing that state what your duties and courses are (without phrases like "pending ...") it seems to me you ought to be able to pursue this. Is there some sort of faculty governance body at your school (faculty senate, etc.)? That would be the first place I'd go for suggestions and help in this kind of situation. Meanwhile, I'd be applying for other positions like crazy, because this sounds like an organization I'm not sure I'd wish to work for (I know it's hard to find jobs...).

Of course, you're the lawyer and so would know this better than me. ;-)

Good luck with this. I'm so sorry about the whole situation. I cannot believe that they're reassigning your classes.

Rebecca said...

Wow. I'm stunned.

You know, if it's a contract issue with her, it seems like someone would have made sure they were able to offer the position to someone else before actually doing so.

All I can say is, if at any time you feel like the best thing for you is to leave, then you can certainly do so without any guilt whatsoever. If you don't like whatever other department they send you to, or anything else, I think you should just go to the 2 who are supporting you and tell them that you are very sorry but that it just isn't working out. I assume that you are contractually able to do this if the job you were contracted for was taken away from you.

Not that I'm in any way, shape or form remotely Pollyanna-like, but I do happen to believe - although multitudes don't - that things happen for a reason. If you take a deep breath and step back from all the turmoil that is so wrong in this picture, it may be a little easier to see your way clear to a decision...and maybe something good will still come of it somehow. Okay, maybe that was a little Pollyanna but, hey, I've seen it happen.

In any case, I wish you the very best of luck dealing with all of this.

rented life said...

I'm with Tired Prof--There must be some level of recourse. I mean they posted the position and hired you to do X, so isn't it a breach of contract to keep you from doing that? If you talked to the same higher power that B did and pointed all that out? Not to mention she's not even qualified. (Can't that get reported to their accrediting body and/or keep them from getting the program accredited?)

Shit SS, I'm so sorry that this happened, it's absolutely ridiculous. I would see what I could do the the contract and HR as what they're trying to pull isn't right and hardly seems legal.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone!

Honestly, I am at a loss with respect to the legal aspect of this. It's all surreal right now.

Nels said...


k8 said...

I'm so sorry! This all seems so very strange. I can't really add anything that hasn't already been said. I'm sure you'll look into all of the legal aspects of this. Really, I'm just flabbergasted.

Heidi said...

Totally beyond belief.

I'm with RL. What does YOUR contract say? Are you locked into teaching 'something' for them or can you force them to pay you while you look for something else? I've heard of cases where someone was not granted tenure and they were basically paid to look for work during the next semester (no classes taught). That may be really outlandish, but this situation is a CROCK.

Surely they know that they are doing this to a practicing attorney and will expect you to pursue legal recourse. Please get some advice from someone about your legal options. I know this isn't all about the money, but it might be nice to get a cushion while you make the next step.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, woman!

I have nothing useful to add. Just that. Wow. I can't even believe...

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Yikes... If it's a private for-profit school, there is often very little that can be done in terms of appeals etc.

They may well have problems with accreditation if the B isn't qualified, but that is their concern.

You may want to call an employment attorney to discuss it --- if they have a contractual obligation to you, then you shouldn't let them out of it. Frankly, the HMFIC and the Dean don't really seem to have hire/fire authority if they can't get rid of the B... and, teaching someplace where the higher-ups would interfere at this level and in this time frame is a pretty big red flag.

Did you decline other interviews or offers to take this position - -if so, they could be in more trouble than they realize...

Rebecca said...

That's right, didn't you cancel an interview once you were offered this job?

Hmmmm. All things to keep in mind.

Abbey said...

I probably don't have anything new to say, but I'll summarize. 1. Seems odd that they'd be allowed to offer a position until the prior person was fully out of contract. 2. Sounds like a huge red flag that you don't want to be there with this kind of drama. 3. I believe this was the place that had a lot of hoops to jump getting your license back and all that, there should be renumeration for that, and 4. I think you deserve pay while you job search.