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Sunday, October 11, 2009

There Is Hope

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Despite the inconsiderate, rude behavior of my upper level students, my first semester students love me. They were engaging and excited to learn. And more importantly, they were respectful of me and each other.

I am happy that I have the chance to mold this group into the legal professionals that they should be. I will have the chance to write on the slate of who they are in a positive way. In time, every student who comes through the program will not only become a competent paralegal, but a true professional. And, they will develop a sense of pride in themselves.

I've have been told by former colleagues that they often know which students are mine because the majority of my students come into their class knowing what needs to be done, follows directions, treat others with respect and present themselves professionally. They don't act like a bunch of ass-clowns. Some of my students have told me that they don't want to let me down by not being a professional.

That's why I do what I do.

Some will choose poorly and not embrace change. Some will be unwilling to accept the challenge that I will place before them. Some will be unwilling or unable to see the potential that I see. I hope these students will see that I am not the enemy, but someone who really cares and wants to see them not only become paralegals, but become the person they want to become.


Rebecca said...

Some people have a tougher time adjusting to change than others and, since there seems to have been some drama involved, the transition might be a little bumpier than would otherwise be expected. It still sounds like a bit of time will smooth a lot of that out, though.

It's a shame you've got to deal with all of that when the rest of your new position is going so well. But, hopefully, it'll all blow over soon.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this class is wonderful!! What a great way to end the week! Hopefully the other class will come around quickly and realize that the situation has nothing to do with you.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

and.. the nice thing about shorter programs is that the older ones won't be around long -- and you'll have the young ones trained properly.

Hang in there.

TiredProf said...

That's the spirit!

Here's hoping your second week goes more smoothly and that the upper level students catch on soon (and, more importantly, reflect that in your class). And, they won't be around that long, so you can focus your energies on the students who are there to learn and deal with the ones who aren't.

RageyOne said...

Here's to a new week and a fresh start with those that caused you problems last week. You are a professional and you know what's best for those students. They will be better off with you as their Professor even though they don't know that yet.

Sounds like your first semester students will definitely benefit, and that is great. If those others don't come around...their loss.

I hope you have a fabulous week!