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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Any Saffron Dealers Out Three?

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One of the cool things about my job hiatus (that's what I am calling it. Unemployment is just too depressing), is that I spend more time cooking which I love to do. So, I was excited to find a great recipe from Everyday Italian on the Food Network. Although Husband is the Almighty Grill Master, I do enjoy making the marinade and sides when we grill.

While the Boy and I were at playgroup last night, Husband did the grocery shopping which included saffron for the orzo. I told Husband he should check the International section for saffron first, and if he did not find it, try the spice section.

When we unloaded the groceries, I could not find the saffron. Husband informed me that after an extensive search of the Asian section and the spice section, he was about to give up. The very last bottle on the very last shelf in the spice section had bottle labeled Spanish Saffron. Elated, Husband picked up the bottle only to see the cost.

.04 oz. of Spanish saffron cost $16.00!!!!

That means, that a whole once of Spanish saffron would cost almost $400.00!!!!

Husband said that there is no way he was going to pay $16.00 for something that was packed in a small white envelope inside a bottle. His exact words were "I've smoked stuff that was cheaper than that!"

He's probably right!

Needless to say, I made the orzo, sans saffron, but added Mrs. Dash and parsley. It was quite delicious.

But, I think the next time I go out for Indian, I am going to ask the server for a little saffron on the side!


k8 said...

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Penzeys spices ( has several varieties. Most recipes don't call for much of it, though.

DrOtter said...

We get really cheap American saffron here. $3 canadian for a fair sized bag of the stuff (10 grams). It isn't as refined as the Spanish stuff but tastes OK. It isn't actually saffron, I belive it is safflower petals. You would really notice from looking at it and I think it tastes similar.

Good thing is we can use heaps of it when we want to. I put it in the oil for roast potatos,and also in currys.

Anonymous said...

That is crazy expensive! Glad you made due without and still had a satisfying meal!

Anonymous said...

I get mine from an Iranian import-export place. Here is the link:


Weezy said...

dude--am i too late- I brought a mega stash of saffron back from the spice souks in dubai :)