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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Waiting is the hardest part

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After a bit of a SNAFU with my application. HR at HBCU has sent my application documents to the selection committee. The SNAFU was that apparently they "did not receive" my information, despite my mailing it. So, I resent my application via certified mail and sent an electronic copy. I received my return receipt and an email saying that my documents were sent to the department.

Well, OK then.

I am not allowing myself to get excited about this. I don't want to be disappointed should things not work out. So, I am trying not the think about it. I am trying to keep myself occupied with other things, like studying for the GRE and enjoying my summer.

Well, I am enjoying my time off, but the studying for the GRE started off well, but has fizzled a little. But, I am finding it hard to concentrate, with the job prospects up in the air.

You would think that in all the years that I have applied for jobs, the process would be easier, that the wait would not consume your thoughts. I mean, how many jobs have I applied for since my teen years, I would be used to waiting and knowing the waiting is part of the process.

I guess the waiting is always the hardest part.