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Friday, March 28, 2014


Posted by Seeking Solace |

It's been almost two months since I reached my goal weight of 138 pounds. I maintained this weight with only minor fluctuations. I've fallen to 137 or gone up to 138.5, but nothing lower or higher than that. I still enter my food into Lose-It and keep track of portion sizes.

Maintenance has been a little tricky. I am still not eating all of my calories. According to Lose-It, I should take in 1847 calories per day to maintain my weight. Most days, I am lucky if I can reach 1500 calories. I am just not as hungry, so I don't want to force feed myself just to get to 1847. I am substituting full fat versions for the low fat items that I've been eating, but it has not made much of a difference. So, I am just going with the flow for now.

Junior and I have been walking and slow jogging about four days a week, weather permitting. On the days that we can't go, I use the treadmill in our home gym. I do intervals, mainly to not put too much impact on my joints and to challenge my body a little. When I jog, it is very slow, almost like a trot. But, it works for me and that's what counts. Junior and I are up to 1.5 miles through our neighborhood and about 3/4 of it is jogging. The joints have not been complaining, so I am happy. I have my six month checkup with my RA doc in a couple of weeks, so I will see how she feels about it. She has supported my jogging, so long as I don't go crazy.

The exercise has helped in the stress department. Since leaving full time work for part time work and part time PhD, I am a little more relaxed. Yes, I do have those times that I get anxious or stressed out, but I am definitely coping better. It's amazing what the exercise will do.

So, I am maintaining....and that's a good thing.


Belle said...

Good for you! Keep up with the good work; it's obviously working.

Anonymous said...

That all sounds great.

Re: fat. I suspect that eating full fat actually helps weight reduction rather than weight gain, so long as you're listening to your hunger. There's some scientific evidence I've read that supports this idea, that full fat versions make you feel fuller and are digested slower. (I have definitely lost weight moving from a low fat diet to a full fat diet, and gained it going the other direction.)