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Wednesday, May 08, 2013


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The new round of steroids has kicked in quickly. I am feeling much better. This is a good thing considering all that has gone on within the last 24 hours.

First, I had to fire Bad Adjunct. She was violating school and accreditation policy, she told students about our meeting where I set pentameters of what I expected of her and lied about what I and CD said in the meeting, and finally, had what I believe was the worst example of teaching I have ever seen. There was no "teaching", rather she presented a disjointed, rambling presentation which no one was able to follow. She displayed minimal classroom management skills.  In short, she is not fit to be in classroom.

I wish I had seen a teaching demo of Bad Adjunct before I agreed to bring her to my campus. I was desperate for an instructor and could not find anyone remotely qualified to teach the class. Our sister campus was stalling on providing any paperwork or evaluations about Bad Adjunct. I later found out that Sister Campus did not complete any teaching evaluations of Bad Adjunct, which is also a policy violation.  If I had known about her lack of teaching ability, I would not have allowed her to come to my campus or at least put her on a plan to assist her with her teaching deficiencies. I feel awful about the whole thing because I feel like I did a disservice to the students.  Now, I am trying to salvage the term. I found another instructor who will pick up the course. But I worry the damage is already done.

Next, I had to put a student on suspension pending a hearing for allegedly sexually harassing another student. He claims that the female student started the whole thing and she said some things to him that were offensive. I am still trying to sort this out, but I have a feeling more suspensions will be coming. The hearings will be very interesting.

And, I've been in meeting after meeting about stuff that I just can't deal with right now, because I still need to find more instructors who are qualified and not anything remotely like Bad Adjunct.'s been a rough couple of days. But, at least the meds are working.