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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reset Button

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Back in September, I joined Lose-It. It's a weight loss site that tracks your calories and helps you reach your weight loss goals. It's kind of like Weight Watchers, only it's free. I really had a wake up call when I saw some pics  of myself. I successfully lost 20 pounds by December 18th, just in time for our trip to Hawaii.

After we returned, I wanted to get back on the program, as I have another 25 pounds to go. When I got on the scale on New Year's Eve, I saw that I had gained three pounds, mostly (I think) from vacation. I was a little miffed about it, but a couple of great friends reminded me how travel can screw you up. Long story short, when I got on the scale yesterday, everything readjusted and I was back to my pre-vacation weight plus I lost another .5 pounds.

So, I reset my weight loss goal for another 20 pounds. But for some reason, I felt like that goal was just too far away. When I set the first goal of 20 pounds, I was all like "Yeah, I can do this...20 pounds is nothing." Now, I'm thinking "Ugh...that's just too hard. How am I going to make it?" I don't have any vacation or anything to shoot for like I did the last time. I'm not in a position to run a race or anything because of the RA. (That's the subject of another post...I missing running!).  I am not comfortable shooting for a clothing size, mainly because I know how sizes are completely different from store to store to store and brand to brand. So, I am going to find help me through this. 

Husband and I are in the process of tricking-out our home gym. With the new job, my schedule and Husband's schedule makes going to the gym more difficult. So, we figured we would make our home gym a place we want to go. Plus, there is always Junior who LOVES to go for walks and hikes. I was adding distance to my walks and hikes with Junior, so that's a start.

In the meantime, I reset my goals on Lose It to 10 pounds instead of 20. Once I reach the 10 pounds, then I'll add the second ten and so on. Somehow, that just seems more palatable, less intimidating. 


Nitewriter said...

Those short goals work better. It's easier to lose weight in the spring than in the winter! I lost 50 in about a year, then stuck there for another year. I've got 30 to go. You can do it! Nothing like a dog to get you walking and loving it :-)