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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Meltdowns And Migraines

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Yesterday was a rough day. I think all of the stress of work, classes, Potential New Job and the holidays came to a boiling point. I had a bit of a meltdown, followed by a migraine. So, let me summarize...

In a nutshell, it's crazy. We just finished midterms, and I was up to my eyeballs with grading. I was able to finish that without too much hassle, but with everything else going on, it just seemed to make me more stressed. Also, there are some things coming up that are going to make it very intolerable. People are making policy decision that do not make sense and/or are what I consider to be unethical. If Potential New Job falls through, I seriously need to find new employment. Someone was fired on Friday and I don't think the person saw it coming. Also, a new person was appointed to fill the position without going through the usual protocol. Not cool.

Potential New Job:
That is stressful, mainly because everything is happening so fast. Within one week, I've been on three interviews. Now, they want me to complete a major background check. They are asking if there is any way I could start on December 10th, which is not possible for me because I will not leave my current job. My term does not end until December 18th. Plus, Husband and I are planning a major trip for the holiday. The soonest I could start is January 2nd. Also, there are some issues with the commute. It's 40-50 minutes from my house. Husband works in the opposite direction, so I would have to use my car service to take me to work every day The car service is more reliable than a taxi, but cost more. There is no reliable public transport between my house and Potential New Job.  Potential New Job does not know about my visual disability; I will drop that bomb at salary negotiation time.  Still, it's a concern.

 I have two major papers due by the 28th. One, is the research proposal that I talked about in a prior post. I've got some good feedback from those who commented (Thank you!). Also, Awesome Boss helped me as well. It's just finding my writing  mojo.  Then, there is the group paper which is also due on the 28th. My portion of the interviews fell through, which means I've been scrambling to get that part completed. Since I am doing the analysis of the data, we can't move forward without my interviews. I was able to get those completed, so now my teammate is coding the data this weekend. This means I have a week to write the rest of the paper, plus put together the PowerPoint. I didn't get any work done yesterday, so today will be a full writing day.

This means that I will be in Elsewhere for the holidays rather than visit family. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as I dread heading to visit the outlaws and relatives.  But, it did lead to some consternation between Husband and I, which we did resolve.  And, Husband and I still need to book our trip for Christmas, which I am sure will result in grief from family because we will not be there.

That would cause anyone to have a meltdown and a migraine, don't you think?

I just want things to slow down, just for a moment.  I need to focus and prioritize.

Oh, my mother wants me to call her...


Rebecca said...

Geez, that's way more than enough to warrant meltdowns and migraines. Hope things improve soon. Good luck with all of it.

Nitewriter said...

Work: true, not cool at all. Good luck with the potential new job. School: I hope the writing went well today. Finding the mojo is difficult when other areas of our lives are under stress. I haven't been able to do much productive writing for a few weeks now. Hope your day was productive. Holidays: We did years of "sharing" and "taking turns" about visiting family for specific holidays. Someone always got po'd. Now that the kids are grown and have others to spend holidays with, we told them a few years ago they were off the hook as far as we were concerned. We go away for the whole two weeks of the holiday season. This year we're leaving on Thursday before Christmas and returning right smack on New Years Day. We're hosting a family/friends gathering at our house two weekends before Christmas. That's it. And everybody is bringing something so all I have to do is clean the house!

Yes you deserve a meltdown of any sort you wish. I hope the migraine is better soon!

Nitewriter (formerly Prof Sherlock)