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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beyond Furious

Posted by Seeking Solace |

One of my favorite colleagues and fellow department chair is leaving.  She accepted a position at another college out of state. Yesterday, we were chatting when she told me that one of the faculty in her department was offered the position. That's when she let it "slip" that the replacement's salary offer is $10K more than me.  Plus, Replacement was complaining that it wasn't enough money because she is worth more than that.

My jaw hit the floor.

The reason why my jaw hit the floor was because the replacement does not have a terminal degree, she has only been teaching for three years (3 months at our college) and has zero administration experience. Meanwhile, yours truly HAS a terminal degree, HAS 10 years experience, including 3 at the college (After Favorite Colleague leaves, I will be the most senior department chair) and HAS administrative and management experience.

I'll wait while you pick up your jaw....

It's bad enough that I denied having my salary "right-sized" when I had my annual review (No one received raises this year except for a few people who's salary did not reflect the type of degree the person has. I along with one other person got screwed. No reason was given). But this sent me into a new dimension of pissed off that I've never been.

Now, I don't blame my boss. He has been fighting for me every since I started at the College. He fought like hell to get my salary right-sized. I know who is to blame. He is encouraging me to earn my PhD, even helping me with the coursework. Methinks, the new HMFIC, who I am now calling Ass Hat, is the reason. Ass Hat does not like me because I am very outspoken about things at College. (Actually, I don't think he likes strong women). He is a micro-managing control freak who also suffers from Foot in Mouth syndrome.  He has balked at any initiative that I suggest. I can't blame this on gender bias, because the Replacement is also female. But, my lawyer brain is thinking about age bias.

Regardless, it's just unfair.  With everything that I have done in the last three years, the respect that I have from the faculty and other departments, it stinks worse than a house on Hoarders.I spent yesterday in the angry haze. I kept my office door closed, and pretty much snapped at anyone who came to my office. I couldn't focus in my doctoral class last night.

Today, I am feeling a little better. I am at the stage now where I am plotting my next move.  I have to be very careful with how I use this information. Talking about other people's salary is taboo. But, I am not going to sit back and let this go unchallenged.

The gloves are coming off, people. And, I play to win. 


Karen said...

Ugh I'm livid FOR you! That blows some major goats!

TiredProf said...

Go get 'em!

chicago foodie girl said...

Absolutely ridiculous! What a bunch of a-holes!!

You are *so* much better than that place.

JMKH said...

And you were sworn in to argue before the Supreme Court! You are heads and shoulders above them. You have a hell of a legal mind. Go for it.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

You definitely have a right to be furious. I would be as well. Do what you have to do and get'em!

Nitewriter said...

Hey it's Prof Sherlock here. I had to change my blog and ID cause too many students figured it out -- I have no idea how.

Anyway, what a pisser for you. I'd be more than livid. Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve (minus gloves) next.

Anthea said...

I've never commented before but omg..I just can't believe it. But sadly I can since I keep on hearing more of this sort of stuff.