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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Baby Steps

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am in this weird place with my job. I am sort of stuck where I am because I don't have the "right" doctorate. As I have blogged before, many in higher education feel that a Juris Doctor is an inferior doctorate. And, although I have applied to law schools in Elsewhere, and have made it through the first and second rounds,  those positions are extremely competitive. 

I've also found that I really like the administrative aspect of my job. Right now, my job is 70% administrative and 30% teaching. My administrative role allows me to develop the program, as well as nurture faculty.  I learning much of the inner workings of the college, and I kind of like that stuff. 
Finally, with all the crap that is going on at our campus, it may be necessary for me to be ready to jump to a new position at the college or jump ship altogether. That means I need to have a plan.

So, guess who is going back to school for her PhD?

I've been thinking about this for a while. But, I wasn't sure if I could balanced work and life with school. So, I enrolled as a non-matriculated student at Elsewhere State University for the fall semester.  I am going to try one class to see if I like it and if I can balance it with everything else. The program that I am interested in is primary for working professionals, so the classes are held after work. Plus, my supervisor is ABD in the program that I would like to pursue, so he has been a great source of information.

The other reason for going non matriculated is that I have to take the GRE again. I guess Elsewhere State does not believe that a person who already holds a Master's degree and a Juris Doctor has proven herself worthy to do doctorate level work. Now, I only have to score in the 50th percentlie to be accepted, but for me, it's strictly principle. So, I will start reviewing GRE crapola soon too.

Did I mention that my job will pay 75% of my tuition? Yeah, that's huge incentive. 

I am excited and scared. I have not been a student for 16 years. Plus, I've been the instructor for 10 years. It will be a little weird. I have a lot of support for this. Husband is 100% behind my decision. He wants me to be happy and says we have the money to make up what my college doesn't cover. And, I got happy tail thumps from Junior.  My supervisor is very supportive and is helping me select classes and even giving me help with narrowing down a dissertation topic. It's a new adventure for me.

One baby step at a time.


Belle said...

Wow - brave brave brave. Good for you! Think how far ahead of the rest of the newbies you'll be!

tracynicholrose said...

How very exciting. It kinda sucks that you have to do this because people don't have faith in your current degree but it sounds like you're excited about it and will enjoy the process.

sheepish said...

Wow, that's big! Good luck to you!

phd me said...

That's great, SS! Baby steps, indeed, but your baby steps are much better informed than most people starting a PhD (she says from experience). Can't wait to hear about the journey!

Rebecca said...

You will do great! There has been a lot of career upheaval in my whole family lately, must be something in the air. It's an exciting adventure, and I wish you the absolute best of luck.

chicago foodie girl said...

Wow, girlie! Good for you. :-)

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone. I am really excited...and a little scared. :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

Good for you! You'll be great, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Rob-bear said...

If you go back to school, there is a reasonable chance you will scare the living daylights out of your teachers. Which is good enough reason alone for returning to the classroom.

Of course, you have much better reasons for becoming a student again.

Blessings and Bear hugs in the adventure.

(Oh; you want to know how I found you. chicago foodie girl sent me. You can praise or blame her for my being here.)

P.S.: Who? Me? Subversive? Can you say, "Occupy Canada"? Sure you can.