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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am registered for my class, Education Policy and Analysis. I've downloaded my textbook to my NOOK, which will be great because I can adjust the font of the text. And, I've adjusted my life schedule to accommodate this new adventure.

Reality is setting in...I am going back to school next week.

I am a little nervious. I have not been a student in 16 years. And, I've been the professor for the last 10 years. It just seems surreal to me. I am not sure what to expect.My supervisor has taken this class as part of his PhD studies. He has been a great source of information and support. He said that the classes in this program are geared toward people who work during the day and/or are already in academia, so I should be fine. He has offered to help me or discuss any concepts too. He's even helped me adjust my work schedule to accommodate all of this. Even my faculty are cheering me on, offering to take on extra responsibility.

And, Husband is just amazing, as always.

So, why am I scared out of my skull?

Change doesn't normally bother me. I look at it as a challenge, a new adventure. But, this is different somehow. I can't put my finger on it.

Probably just nerves..right?

Meh, this too shall pass. Besides it will take my mind of the buckets of crapola that is going on at work, which I still have to compose a coherent post.

I'm ready...I think. 


Rebecca said...

It sounds like you are starting off with really good circumstances, so that should be a great help. You can do this!!! Good luck!

sheepish said...

Good luck!

Make sure to stay on top of your homework. :)

BrightStar (B*) said...

Ed Policy!? We should talk... :)

tracynicholrose said...

You're ready, I know.

Have fun

phd me said...

Yep, you're ready! Can't wait to hear about the next big adventure!

Geeka said...

You are going to be awesome. I was really nervous about going back to school, and I was only out of school for 3 years! I've found it a totally different experience, still school like, but all the bullshit that you had in college/grad school was gone, because it's all professionals.

You are going to be awesome!

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone. :)

B*: I'll email you!

Alice said...

Best wishes!!!