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Monday, February 27, 2012

Not It

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I didn't get the promotion.

On the one hand, I am glad that the position went to someone whom I like and respect. I mean, it could be worse, it could have gone to a total ass-hat. The person who got the position will do a great job. And, he has already extended an olive branch to me to use my "special skills".

And, my boss said that it was a very tough decision. He had narrowed it down to me and the person who got the position.  It was a very tough decision for my boss. And, knowing my boss the way that I do, I can honestly say that he was not just saying that to make me feel better or justify his choice.

So, why do I feel like crap?

Maybe it's because I had hoped that this was the door that would lead me to something new. As I said in a previous post, I don't have many options with my skill set. I guess I thought this was my way out.

Maybe it's because the new HMFIC didn't even have me ranked in his top two choices. That says to me that he either doesn't think I have what it takes despite evidence to the contrary, he doesn't respect me (we've butted heads on a couple of occasions) or he just doesn't "get me".

And, of course there is the classic "I went all out for something and it didn't work out" feeling of disappointment. 


Tonight, I will lick my wounds, take comfort in the kind words of some of my colleagues, let Husband spoil me and hug Junior.

I figure out my next move later.


TiredProf said...

I'm sorry..that hurts. {{hugs}}

tracynicholrose said...

So sorry.

comebacknikki said...

Aww, girlie, I'm so sorry. That blows. :-(
{{{Seeking Solace}}}

ernise said...

sorry it didn't happen for you.

Sherlock said...

So sorry it didn't work out.

Alice said...

So sorry... When that happens, I remind myself that some doors close for a good reason.

Addy N. said...

Sorry to hear that! Hugs.

phd me said...

I'm sorry about the promotion, SS. :(