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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


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New year means new changes at work. We have all new system syllabi for all the courses, all new textbooks and an new HMFIC.  It's a strange new world on campus.

I am curious about the new syllabi, particularly since I have the green light (again) to work on Major Project. I am concerned that the syllabi will not meet the standards that are needed for the Major Project. Sadly, people in windowless offices, who are not experts in the field, are making decision about courses in my program. I have suggested to those in power that perhaps it would be better for all programs if a person who perhaps had a background in a particular area should make decision regarding curriculum?

Just a thought....

Actually, I have approached a few people in power about this very concept. Perhaps, someone will listen.

As for the new HMFIC, I am still trying to figure him out. He seems to be more aligned with the academic core, which is a good thing.  He also seems to be a "What's best for the bottom line" thinker, which can be both good and bad.  Good in the sense that he will be concerned with whether the students have the necessary skills to be competitive. What's bad is that numbers do matter, so there may be some push back on "how" we produce those students.

Gotta give this one a little time to see how this works out.

I have a much lighter teaching load this quarter, which is great. That means I will have more time to devote to Major Project. But, there are some new responsibilities that were dumped in my lap, so even though I have a lighter teaching load, I will be super busy.

Wait..that's not very different now, is it?

Time to turn and face the strain...


Alice said...

Yes, same here... Every semester there is something else to keep us super busy...