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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Zen-Wise Peaceful Gone Beserk

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This morning, I took a yoga class. It was the first time that I did yoga in a few years. I had been itching to get back into practice and found a class that met my schedule.

Things were pretty rough, RA makes it difficult for me to compete poses where I am resting on my knees or using my hands, like plank or even downward facing dog. Granted, you should not put all of your weight on those areas, but trying to balance just makes the whole process painful. With some modifications and some help from the instructor, I was able to complete the class. I really did enjoy it and I cannot wait to go back.

I left the class in a zen-like peaceful state. When I got home, I was ready to tackle the rest of my morning's to do list.

That is, until I checked my work email.

Now, I do check my work email on weekends. I know it sounds crazy, but as a department chair, I kinda have to make sure nothing has burned down or anything. That's when I saw an email from the new HMFIC saying that not only was our meeting regarding Major Project cancelled, the college would not be pursuing it at this time, and we would discuss it next week.This email was timed stamped at 4:30 yesterday. I left work at 2:30.

My zen-wise state went into full-blown pissed off.

First, WTF send an email like that on a Friday when you KNOW I am gone for the day? I mean, seriously, couldn't you have waiting until Monday or something?

Second, Major Project has been my baby for the past six months. I have spent a significant amount of time and energy putting this together. I have a great deal invested in it. Also, there are students who are relying on this happening. It is something that would be great for the students, plus make the program more competitive in the market. And now, with no explanation, the HMFIC is pulling the plug?

I am so pissed that I cannot see straight.

I did email the HMFIC and told him that I really couldn't wait until Monday to know what is going on. I have invested so much into this project, so the only humane thing to do is just to tell me WTF is going on.

We'll see if the HMFIC responds.

So much for going for a more zen-like state.


JaneB said...

What a nightmare! I hate these sorts of arbitrary emails without explanations - hope you get a good one! And some sort of apology, as a minimum...

Anonymous said...

Glad the yoga went well. I gave up on that years ago and have tried tai chi a few times. That was awful too. I have muscle issues as well as joints, so any type of exercise leaves me feeling like a mack truck ran over me TWICE!

I hate when arbitrary decisions are made without reasons. And how wimpy was that to email after they knew you'd left work. Will be watching for an update when you find out what's going on.