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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Five Decisions

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Thanks to Brigindo for a great topic.

The Five Best Decisions I Ever Made:

  1. Choosing Husband: I was dating a real jerk when I met Husband. Jerk couldn't decide between me and his Ex, so I ended it with Jerk. Husband was everything that Jerk was not. When Jerk found out that I was seeing Husband, Jerk trying everything possible to win me back. When Jerk said it's either him or Husband, I made my choice. Twenty-four years later, I am the happiest gal in the world.
  2. Leaving Lake Effect Snow Central: OK, I miss my friends, good pizza and chicken wings, but I am so happy in Elsewhere. Health-wise, it was the right thing to do. I am making better money here than I would have in LESC. And, did I mention that the weather is WAY better in Elsewhere?
  3. Adopting the Boy: He truly was a great dog.
  4. Sticking it out with my job to see if the B would get fired: Those of you know that story. I could have walked away. But, karma has a funny way of working out.
  5. Deciding to go with the biologic drugs for the RA: It has helped give me my life back. I just wish that there was another way to administer them. I hate needles!!!!!


deb aka murpthesurf said...

OK, you got me thinking: to have my children (blessings by the thousand fold), to move to my new hometown (I love it here), to never - ever give up my dreams (working on bucketlist), to get my college degree eons ago, to adopt our two fur babies.

Seeking Solace said...

Deb: Great list!

Anonymous said...

I miss good pizza too. But I do prefer the weather!