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Monday, October 03, 2011

First Monday of October Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

  • Husband and I went to the mountains for a couple of days of R & R. It was great except for the fact that we picked the coldest weekend to go. We left a day early because the RA was none too pleased with 39 degrees, rain and wet snow. It was amazing to watch the temperature gauge in the car rise 25 degrees by the time we returned to Elsewhere.
  • Poor Husband felt so bad about taking me to the mountains on a bad weekend. He is such a sweetheart.
  • Flare was minor. No need to break out the steriods.
  • New term starts Wednesday. I am still not over the last one that ended last week. Quarter system really sucks.
  • One of my students decided to transfer to another college. I can't say I am shedding any tears. Someone who spreads rumors about the goings-on at the college without any evidence to back it up (can you say "Slander"), despite being shown the evidence to the contrary, has no business in the college. Of course, that means he will spread lies in the new place.
  • New term means new mandates from the people in windowless offices that make no sense.
  • One of my favorite adjuncts will not be back this term. Seems that one of those people in the windowless offices felt that he gave out too many "F's"  No, he was just holding students accountable.
  • Another of those people in windowless offices is supposed to observe me in the classroom this month. Apparently, this person is looking for "experts" in the field. I have no idea what this means for me, but you better believe I will have my "A" game on.
  • Why does Blogger eat my comments on some of my peeps pages? Deb and RL, I trued to comment but Blogger wouldn't let me!
  •  My boys in Black and Gold have seriously disappointed me.
  • One month from today, I will be standing before the US Supreme Court taking my oath. I will probably never argue a case, since I gave up practicng law a few years ago, but's so freaking cool!


MissDazey said...

Let's discuss the important stuff..have you decided on outfit for Supreme Court?

Seeking Solace said...

MissDazey: LOL! I need to head to the mall to try stuff on. I've been holding out as long as possible hoping I will lost more weight! At trip to Saks Firth and/or Nordstrums is on the agenda.

rented life said...

:( Blogger is making me mad because it's been eating comments. So much for the interactive part of blogging! I actually caught the end of yesterday's game and thought of you!

Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome that you'll get to stand before the Supreme Court! Such a great opportunity!

Folks in windowless offices are a pain, at times.