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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Under And Over the Weather

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Under the Weather:

I am sick. I have a cold. I started feeling crummy yesterday. It really started to kick in last night. Despite some Tylenol and a NyQuil shot, I couldn't even drag myself to work. I am monitoring my symptoms because I don't know if an antibiotic is necessary.

I've always felt this ping of guilt whenever I have to call in sick. I often wonder if people think I am faking it or I am not that sick. I go through this back and forth of "should I say or should I go?". It really came back to bite me when the Dean at Former Private College asked me "Can't you just take an Advil?"during a conversation about my canceling classes due to RA flares.

I've been able to put limits on this back and forth conversation lately, particulary now that I am on Embrel and Methotrexate. Both of these drugs suppress my immune system, which means that I have a higher risk of infection. It also means that it takes me longer to recover from an infection. So, if I am sick, I have to take care of myself. Thankfully, my boss is understanding about that.

So today, I am hanging out at home, sleeping on the new couch. The Boy is snuggling with me, except when the UPS or FedEx people drop off a package. Husband checks on me regularly, making sure that I am not running a fever.

Hopefully, this is short lived.

Over the Weather:

I am so over this cold weather. Granted, I am used to it being in the teens or 20's, but I moved to Elsewhere to get away from it!!! It is quite amusing seeing people complain about the cold, although I think they would totally lose their minds if they had to deal with even colder temps like those in Lake Effect Snow Central.

Good thing I didn't get rid of my many winter coats and assorted cold weather gear!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dang! Take care of yourself. It's good your boss understands. Get lots of rest. Sometimes it's a vicious cycle -- infection causes pain; pain slows healing, and so on. Kick the guilt and take as long as you need and rest. Hope you feel better soon!

I have cold weather gear and only need it about once every 4-5 years. Last winter was frigid and this one is starting out that way. I'm glad to be able to wear my boots and my favorite heavy winter coat two years in a row!

rented life said...

Feel better!

Carolyn Schriber said...

I hope you don't mind --
I have just been awarded a "Versatile Blog award" and according to the rules I must pass it on to seven blogs of my choosing - I've chosen you as one of my seven. To claim your badge, go to

Psycgirl said...

Sometimes I can spend the entire evening or morning ruminating about whether or not to call in sick - but I usually do. You have to take care of yourself. Feel better soon!