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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Help Wanted

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am in the process of hiring an adjunct faculty person for my department. The program is growing and I really need the help. Actually, I need someone full-time but none of my current adjuncts are able to make the move to full time. Also, my college has a policy of hiring people on a part-time basis before moving one to full-time.

One would think with the current job situation I would be flooded with resumes. I've received eight resumes.

  • Two applicants I had to nix immediately because the candidates did not have a law degree, which is a deal breaker because of our accreditation rules (I sent the nicest rejection letter to them explaining applicant actually told me that!).
  • One applicant is in law school, so that's out.
  • One applicant's work history is a little questionable.

Of the four that are remaining:

  • One has not contacted me to schedule a phone interview
  • One applicant ran for the hills when I explained our student demographic.
  • One had to decline because she could not teach during the day (She was my top choice, but I am going to keep her resume on file because something may open up in the future).
  • The final person is interested, but he is studying for the bar. He is admitted in another state, but does not have enough years to avoid taking the exam. The next exam is in February. I like this candidate, but I am concerned because I know how much time one must devote to studying for the Bar. It's worse when one is studying for admission to a jurisdiction where they have to learn that jurisdiction's law.

So, I guess it's back to the drawing board.