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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I dodged a bullet on Friday with a prospective candidate. During our phone interview, I asked her what her bar admission status was, becuase it was unclear on her resume. Turns out, she was suspended from the bar.

Not good...Not a good thing at all. For accreditation purposes, one must be in good standing with their state bar. We had a situation prior to my working at College were a faculty member lied about his bar status. He was actually disbarred. He was fired immediately.

So, I had to tell this person that although she had an impressive background, I could not continue with the interview process. I explained the accreditation standards and the fact that HR would have my head on a platter if I hired her. She seemed OK with it, until she asked me if I could talk to HR and see if they would let it slide until she straightened things out with the bar.

OK, I guess this person hasn't learn a thing from her suspension.

The other problem I have is that I have this candidate that I would like to come in for a teaching demo and a formal interview. The problem is that we cannot narrow down a time. He is making matters rather difficult because he wants to meet on "his" timetable, rather than trying to meet me halfway. He was a little miffed that I could not meet with him on Thursday (The campus is closed on Thursday for the holiday). I suggested that we meet on Monday, since that is my deadline for interviews. He was not happy with the fact that he would have to drive an hour to Elsewhere to meet with me after work hours.

Um, what do you think you will be doing if you actually get the job? We discussed this...remember?

I would be willing to do it on Tuesday or Wednesday, but that means that I will be pushing this into the new year which I know my boss and HR would be unhappy about that prospect.

I am really frustrated with this. Part of me wants to tell the candidate that I just don't think this is going to work for right now. My gut is saying that this guy's schedule is going to interfere with teaching. I cannot afford to have someone who can't balance both. On the other hand, I don't want to not give this person a chance at least to interview.



rented life said...

Don't interview him. If he's not able to be partially flexible and he's complaining about the commute, he may not be entirely reliable. I don't get a good read off of that.

And the suspended woman? What's she thinking? Maybe she could get a job up here with C&B. :)

P said...

I agree with Rented Life. It sounds like there are plenty of fish in the sea, although yes it's a drag that this is to, well, drag out if you do bail on Mr. Difficult.

In my field (English) anyone would be INSANE to act like he is. Jobs are so hard to get.

Good luck!

Abbey said...

Agreement with the others. Interviews are like best behavior -it will only get worse once he's hired.

And the Bar girl - I'd imagine that whatever one gets suspended for is pretty serious (based on my knowledge through Law and Order). However, I could imagine if one couldn't work in their own profession in this economy they'd become rather aggressive about it.

Sherlock said...

I concur -- don't interview the guy. He'll miss more classes than he'll make it there for.