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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decisions Made

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Yesterday was the last day of the term and the last day of work for me for the year. Grades were submitted and my work "to do" list is done. I am off until January 3rd.

I did hire an new faculty member. He was my first choice. He did a fantastic teaching demo and just has the greatest personality and work ethic. I really think he will do well.

As for the dreaded holiday travel to visit family in Redneckville, we made the decision this morning not to go. Husband is a little under the weather. He doesn't think he could handle the 8 hour drive. Also, the weather is not going to help matters. It is quite cold in Redneckville with snow in the forecast. Although we are used to dealing with snow, it's a little harder when you don't feel 100%. Also, the wind chill is supposed to be in the single digits. Not good for me at all.

I am relieved that we are not going. As I said in a previous post, I am not in the mood to deal with all the family drama. Husband did call his parents and told them that we were not coming because he is sick. We figured we would get less grief if we just said that. I really don't think the family, particularly my FIL, gets that I can't handle the cold with the RA. I can just hear him saying "Well, how come mom (my MIL who was diagnosed with RA this year) is not having so many problems?" My FIL loves to ask a million questions, never being satisfied with an answer unless it's the one he is looking for. At least Husband being sick does not lend itself to too much inquiry.

The whole thing spun me into a bit of a depression. I hate having to justify my illness and why we live where we do. I also feel like a horrible person for even making that judgment about my in-laws. Ever since the huge blowout I had with my MIL four years ago, things are just really different. I don't even think either one of them believe they did anything wrong. Even Husband has said things to them and they just brush it off. I just feel like the evil daughter in law who keeps their son away from them and does give him any children.

Husband is doing everything he can to make this a nice holiday for us. We have a beautiful tree. I think the Boy is happy to have his pack together. We are trying to plan something with some friends for the weekend too.

But, sometimes I wish I could just hibernate from now until New Year's.


Rebecca said...

I hope you are aware that you are not nearly the only one to feel that way. Sometimes I think that the holidays are harder for more people than than they are enjoyable. But you've got a great new home - with a great new couch! More importantly, you've got a wonderful little family unit to enjoy it with.

I'm so sorry that you have difficult family relationships to deal with on both sides. But you've got the best where it counts the most, and over a week off from work to relax together. Here's hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Addy N. said...

Hooray for staying home for the holidays!! Don't worry about the family drama since you don't have to deal with it this year. Have a wonderful time at home with your most important family members! :)

leftyconcarne said...

I agree with Addy --sure, it would be nice to have in-laws whom you actually miss seeing over the holidays, but that's not the way it is.

Hubby and I have had some wonderful low-key holidays... just eat what you want to, wear your PJs as long as you'd like, watch movies, read books and generally spend the days at your own pace.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you made the decision to stay home this year with your little family. so jealous!
Hope hubby feels better soon so you can enjoy your time off together.


TiredProf said...

We adore staying home for the holidays. This year we'll travel to HomeState briefly to see elderly parents, but will otherwise protect our very short 2 week time off, watching tv, eating in and out, watching movies, etc. H talks about how much he loves coming home, closing curtains, turning on lights, and just cocooning.

Sherlock said...

Hibernation is good! In-laws are a pain in the butt! Guilt is a total no-no!! Merry Christmas!

comebacknikki said...

Hibernation is definitely a good thing... and so is making yourself happy during the holidays!