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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where's Don Corleone When You Need Him?

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The interview process has picked up a little, now that I explained to HR that advertising with academic job sites works much better. I am bombarded with resumes. There are some good candidates out there.

I like to do a phone interview first before I bring someone in for a formal interview. It gives both sides a chance to pre screen the other. I also think it's a little less intimidating from the candidate's perspective.

I had phone interviews with two people this week. Both were outstanding candidates and very excited about the opportunity. I set up formal interviews, which include a teaching demo.

Within 24 hours of setting this up, they both backed out.


I kinda feel like a bride left at the alter. Their reasons for backing out were understandable. There is that rush during an interview where you are just so excited to have an opportunity, especially right now. But once one comes down from that high, reality sets in and you realize that perhaps the opportunity will not work.

I keep reminding myself of what was said in The Godfather. "This is business, not personal.

But, I thought I had an offer they couldn't refuse!


Sherlock said...

The only reason I can think of for backing out would be second thoughts about travel or scheduling if they got the job. Does this sort of thing happen a lot? Good luck finding some good candidates.

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time no pop in to see you! ;-) How are you? I am going crazy... but that is okay. haa

I am sorry they canceled. I'd be even sorrier if they had ditched you after they interviewed with you. But still, it stings!

Best wishes in finding the right person! :)

Joy (Ms. Flamingo... kind of abandoned blog!)

rented life said...

It could just be it's not what they thought it was. I've interviewed over the phone at a couple places only to get off and think "well damn, that sucks, but that's not at all what I thought I'd be getting into." It's not always easy to put everything just so in a job posting. While it sucks, it's better they do that then start working and leave partway through term, because they tried to commit to something that isn't what they thought it was.