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Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Morning Coming Down

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I took the day off today. One reason is that I have an appointment that was scheduled for this afternoon, but it was moved to this morning. The other reason is that I am just dog tired. I am not myself.

My brain in fried. I have no energy at all. I think I worked 50 hours the last three weeks. My students have gone beyond the usual insanity that comes with the end of the term. (I forgot to mention in my post yesterday about the one student who insisted that I review his schedule with him despite the fact that I was on my way out the door and headed to my car). I have been walking around in the cat-like readiness posture, ready to pounce on anyone or anything that crosses my path.

On top of that, the voices of neurosis and paranoia about things that I have no proof or control are chattering away inside my head. They are the ones that cause me to second guess myself and wonder if I am truly "safe" at my job.

So today and for the weekend, I am going to try to filter out the noise. I need to relax and dial it down to a more relaxed level. I am going to stop at Starbucks before my appointment and have a yummy pumpkin latte.
I have a spa day scheduled for tomorrow...facial and foot treatment. My usual beautiful clear complexion has seen better days. My feet are a hot mess. Maybe I can add a little retail therapy to the mix. I would like to get in the water an start to rehab the ankle too.

Honestly though, I don't feel like myself.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a day off and a weekend of relaxation! Hope the dr appt went well. Enjoy the spa day and put all thoughts of work out of your brain for now!

Rebecca said...

Hope you're better soon. Everything looks a little grim when we're tired and run down. A little pampering, you'll soon be recharged and back to your usual powerful self, ready to face whatever comes at you.