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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wise Choice

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One of my instructors got the opportunity of a lifetime in the Federal Court System. This opportunity is so good that when she told me about it, I told her that if she didn't accept the job, that I would call the employer and accept the job myself. This particular instructor is the whole package when it comes to being a lawyer. This position would open the door to many things. Salary-wise, it has her current position beat by a mile. She wasn't sure if she should take the job. One, because she did not want to leave me high and dry. Two, she was not sure if this is the right fit for her.

In response to her first concern, I put on my faculty supervisor cap. I explained to her that she is not leaving me high and dry in any way. Over the past couple of weeks, I've received some resumes from attorneys looking to teach part time. There are some good candidates in the pile, so I am not concerned. I also told her that if she wants to stay on as an adjunct, I would love to keep her. If she does not want to continue teach right now, not to worry because she will always have a job as long as I am in charge of the program.

In response to her second concern, I put on the older, wiser woman/attorney hat. I told her that no matter how old you get, the decisions are not any easier. But, she has the skills now that take some many years to craft. She may not know it now, but she is on the road to something very special. I told her to run with it and see what happens. If it doesn't work, you have many options.

Yesterday, she decided to take the job and teach a night class. She also thanked me for the insight and guidance.

I am so glad I could help her. And, I think she made the right decision.