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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Bullets of Assorted Crapola Complete with Shopping Porn

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  • Still wearing the air cast. My RA doc gave me a pain patch so I can avoid ingesting any more NSAIDs. But, she did increase my methotrexate as a result of the flare a few weeks ago.
  • My RA doc said that it will take a while for my ankle to heal, so that mean no heels for a while.
  • Thus, it is a good reason to go shoe shopping online. So far, I bought these in black patent. They will look great with pants. I like these but they are sold out.
  • I also ordered a new swimsuit. As soon as I can get rid of this stupid air cast, I want to do some water therapy to rehab the ankle. My current swimsuit top and bottoms not the best for serious swimming or water aerobics.
  • I also bought new duvet cover and shams at Pottery Barn.
  • I probably should stop online shopping now.
  • The Boy chased his first deer. We didn't have deer roaming the backyard in LESC, so we were not sure what the Boy would do. He saw it munching on a shrub below our great room window the other night when we let him out for "last call". He chased it within 10 yards of the zapping point.
  • Husband took the Boy for a walk in the woods behind our house. Husband said that the Boy caught a whiff of a fresh deer trail. The Boy was frenzied in his sniffing.
  • Someone broke into our neighbor's house last night. It's believed that someone broke one of the window panes on the back door and let themselves in. The thief or thieves stole a lot of stuff. Husband has sent the day making sure everything is secure around our house.
  • Although, I do believe that the Boy would go into guard dog mode if someone set foot on our deck, I appreciate all of Husband's efforts. We don't want to make our house an opportunity.
  • Well, I should do some grading before Husband and I go out to dinner with some friends and before I blow my entire paycheck!


Sherlock said...

I love clarks shoes!! Going flat isn't too bad -- been there for about 8 years now. Flats have gotten a lot cuter in the past three years now that everyone is wearing them!! Scary having a neighbor home robbed. The Boy will keep would-be burglars at bay. They hear a dog barking and they're off to greener pastures. And word gets around the underground about houses that have dogs. Our dogs' barking has chased off a few would-be's over the years.