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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just When I Thought It Was OK To Blog About RA

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Well, I did have a minor flare this week. It wasn't one that required a steroid shot, dose pack or anything like that. I was even able to work. But, it was painful and uncomfortable. My hands were quite swollen that I could do much without assistance. (It reminds me of the Orencia commercial "Can you button this? Open this?") Also, I had difficulty walking and standing which meant that I taught my classes siting down. That can be difficult for me because I tend to walk around when I teach.

I blame it on the weather. The summer was quite hot, 70+ days of 90 degrees or higher. But this past week, it was damp and cool, that is if you consider the upper 70's to low 80's cool. It was that sudden change that threw me for a loop. Back in LESC, the end of summer was tough for me because I knew the weather would change dramatically. Sometimes, that dramatic change would cause a major flare that required steriods and time off from work. There were times when it would result in long term steroid use because the flare was just that nasty. But since moving to Elsewhere, this is the first flare of any kind that I've had since November of last year. That fact that I survived it without steriods or losing time from work is a huge victory.

I know I could have taken time off. Everyone at work is so supportive of me and understand what I am deal with. Unlike the last college I worked for in LESC where the Dean actually told me to just take a pill to deal with my RA pain, my current Dean is very understanding of my need to rest or take time off. He regularly checks in to make sure I am OK. The other thing is that since I am also administration, I don't have to teach as many classes as faculty. I only teach three courses each term, so that helps. One of my students stopped by on Thursday wanting to know if I needed any help with typing or filing. Another student offered to carry my bag for me as we headed to class. Still another offered to hand out papers so I wouldn't have to stand. Wow.

And of course there is my awesome family. Husband did all the cooking, including a lovely dinner with salmon which contains lots of omega-3's. Omega-3's are great for inflammation. And the Boy stays close to his mom, resting his head on my knee or licking my hands as if to say "Doggie spit fixes everything."

In the end, I survived. I will take it easy this weekend and get some additional rest.


Rebecca said...

Awww....Hope you're all better soon. But it's great news that the flare wasn't as bad and you managed without the serious meds. Hope the flares stay few and far between.

RageyOne said...

It is good to hear that you survived this long w/o a flare in Elsewhere.

I'm sure it warms your heart, as it did mine to read, about the care & support you're getting from those at your place of employment. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the flare but glad it wasn't worse. How wonderful to have such supportive coworkers and students too! yay for hubby fixing dinner and you know the Boy has it right -- dog spit fixes everything!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this happened this week, but I'm glad that you have lots of support, and I hope it all improves. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the flare, but am amazed at the support you're getting, that is GREAT!!