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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Out of My Brain on the 5:15

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Well, not literally, but it does answer the question of where have I been!

  • I've spent the last two weeks dealing with registration for the next term. I had conferences with my students to discuss their schedules and other issues. Since I have students taking day and evening courses, this meant a few late nights. Try three 12-hour days in the last two weeks.
  • This has had an effect on the Boy. With my crazy work schedule, Husband being sick and trying to meet deadlines, the Boy feels that he is not receive the level of attention he feels is required. He has been misbehaving lately. He had a few episodes in the house that required some cleaning. Thankfully, he did confine his acts of defiance to the first floor of the house which is all hardwood. Husband and I had a little conversation with the Boy. We also got back to his normal schedule of walks, Dad and Boy time and Snuggle time with Mom. All is forgiven and back to normal...I hope!
  • Next week is the last full week of classes. We finish on July 1st. Then, I have 12 days off! Woot!!!!
  • I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to be a hair model, Well I had the Keratin treatment done on my hair. It turn out fabulous. Keratin is protein that straightens hair. It is much safer than the tradition chemical relaxers and straighteners out there. My hair is very straight now. YAY!
  • I am glad I was the model because that treatment costs around $250.00!!!!
  • One of the cosmology instructors gave me a great hair cut afterward. I have very short hair now, similar to Rhianna. I've gotten so many compliments. I should post a pic. :)
  • We saw these guys the other night. Fantastic show. Worth every bit of the ticket price.
  • Still unpacking and organizing the house. I finally finished the huge master closet. I also got my desk. Still many things to organize and buy...all in good time.
  • I did order a couple of dresses. this one, this one in blue and this one in cherry. I like that I can layer a short sleeve cardigan with the last two, as they tend to blast the AC at work.
  • Today, I have to attend a work-team building activity. It's only two hours, but I can thing of so many things I would rather be doing on a Saturday.


RageyOne said...

You've been busy, busy, busy intertwined with some fun! Yay!

Do post a pic of the haircut. Sounds cute!

Love those dresses!

Rebecca said...

All sounds great. Good for you. Fantastic dresses!

joanna said...

Beautiful, comfortable work dresses! And glad the Boy is no longer acting out!

MaryAnn said...

You sound so productive. Stop that! You put me to shame! Just kidding! 8D

Sounds like this job is a good fit! I am happy for you.


Kai said...

Oooh I LOVE that second dress! I may have to snag that one for myself!

I am DYING to have that Keratin treatment myself, but here the price is upwards of $500. If it's only $250 there I may be visiting soon :-P

Geeka said...

Oh, you have to post a pic (or at least email me one!). It sounds like an awesome haircut, and with a super hot summer, might be best idea ever.