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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rested and Relaxed

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I am back from my much needed and very overdue mini vacation. Husband and I had a lovely time relaxing on the beach in Elsewhere's state. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we both have that beach glow in our faces.

Between Friday and Saturday, there were three beach wedding at our hotel. We sat in our beach chairs and watched the events. They were quite lovely, although one did give me pause. The one on Saturday morning had all of the guests dressed in white. I guess it was required that all the guests wear white. That is just so weird and somewhat arrogant to me. Weird because it seemed rather cult-like to see everyone in white. Arrogant, because telling someone that the have to where a specific color to a wedding, unless you are in the wedding, is just out of line. Who cares what the guests are wearing. As long as they are clothed and not wearing anything inappropriate, it's all good. (Although, I do believe a couple of people showed up to my wedding wearing camo, but that's to be expected where I grew up.)

Any-who, we relaxed, ate some good food and relaxed some more. The restaurant we ate at last night had a cupcake of the day, which made me think of so many of you. Of course, I had to partake of cupcake goodness and enjoyed a very yummy red velvet cupcake.

We made it back to Elsewhere early this afternoon. We picked up the Boy at his doggie hotel. He was looked very happy, having missed up and having spent the afternoon at the doggie spa. Laundry is in full effect and I am ready to face the week.

I think.


Rebecca said...

Sounds fabulously relaxing. Happy the two of you had such a good time. Best of luck with everything in the next little while. Maybe now it won't seem quite so bad as you were expecting.