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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Falling Into Place

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I haven't posted in a week? Seriously?

OK. I have good reason. Everything with the house is falling into place. We just got word that the sellers are going to fix everything that we found to be a problem. That's a huge relief. There were a couple of things that they were dragging their feet on. I guess they realized that it would be better to just get it done than to fight about it.

We are set to close on May 28th and the movers are coming on the 29th. At least this time, we don't need to have everything packed for the movers to take. Unlike the big move to Elsewhere, the house is only about 15 minutes from the apartment. So, we can move some of the lighter stuff ourselves and leave the heavy stuff for the professionals. Husband can take loads of stuff in our SUV throughout the weekend. Our friends M and H have offered to help and are willing to be paid in beer. Sounds like when friends would help you move back in the day when you didn't have that much crap to move, doesn't it? Our apartment complex is pro-rating each day we stay past the May 31st deadline. I doubt it will come to that.

I made arrangements for the Boy to go to daycare on moving day. I did this the day the movers came the first time. It will also the movers to do their job without the Boy thinking the movers are stealing our stuff. Also, I can take some time during the long weekend to help him adjust to his new "house". Dogs (and cats too) have a hard time adjusting to sudden change. They thrive on structure. So, I want this to be an easy transition for the Boy. He did well with the big move. But, two moves within a year is rough on humans. I can't imagine how a dog would feel! I want to make sure the Boy's things are there and set up when he comes to his new house, so I can show him around the place, especially the backyard, complete with full outdoor plumbing!

There are some cosmetic things I want to do with the house after we move. Husband and I want to paint a couple of the rooms to suit our taste. The formal living room-dinning room will be a library/office. It will be a nice place to house our numerous books and be a great place to read. We are also going to move the stereo in that room so someone can enjoy music without disturbing someone watching TV. This will also be where my office will be. There is an open family room/kitchen that we will use for TV watching. There are four bedrooms: a master, a guest room. Husband's work office (He still works from home) and Husband's man-cave. The man-cave is where Husband will keep his guitars and other "things" that I don't want anywhere else in the house. Of course, there are some things that Husband has that must, I repeat MUST, stay in the outdoor shed. But, some things he can keep in his cave.

And my room? Well, part of the library is mine, but my space is the master bath complete with soaking tub. I've wanted a soaking tub so badly that I made it a requirement in our house search. This desire was magnified when I saw GML's awesomely fabulous tub in her house. And it could not be a garden tub-shower combination. No, I had to get the separate tub and shower. Husband jokes that with this house, we bought a garden tub with a house attached.

Besides cosmetic stuff, I do want to purchase some new furniture, rugs and fixtures. Since starting my job, I have stocked piled a serious about of cash, almost $6K to date to spend on new stuff. I do have a priority list, so as not to go crazy. A family room set is high on the list, along with some rugs. The entire first floor has hardwood. Hardwood and puppy paws, no matter how well trimmed, can be a problem. Especially, when the Boy does his Scooby Doo impression. We would like to get a flat screen TV; yes we still have the old school model. I also need a new desk for my library.

That's a lot of stuff, huh? But it is so exacting. As soon as we get settled, I will post some pics. I just can't wait.


RageyOne said...

Sounds like a wonderful house! I'm glad you got what you wanted, i.e., soaking tub w/ separate shower. Those things are important!

Here's to good moving karma!