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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Posted by Seeking Solace |

Things are picking up speed around here.

  • I am off to Neighbor State for a conference. Husband is going with me, which will be nice.
  • There are two week left before finals. The students are beginning to lose their minds right now. I actually tried to hide this afternoon because they were popping up everywhere.
  • The Grand Puhba was on campus today and was asking me about the program. Hopefully, I impressed him enough to make some changes happen.
  • I got the chance to interview and hire a new instructor for my department. I will blog more about that later. I am really happy with my choice.
  • Husband and I found a house we love. We contacted our bank and they gave us the pre-approval letter. We will do a second walk-through and make an offer. I am so excited.
  • I am back on the workout routine. I've lost 3 pounds this month.

Yeah, things are going pretty fast.


TiredProf said...

Sounds as if things are going well (if fast)! You deserve this--payback for the recent past, eh?

Sherlock said...

Great news all around! Enjoy the trip and when do we get to see pix of the house? It all sounds so exciting!

comebacknikki said...

Awesome! It sounds like some good things are happening!