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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Power Shop

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I did a little shopping today. I haven't done much lately, mainly because I just haven't had time. But, I was itching to get out and find some spring clothes because Elsewhere has spring. Also, I need a dress for my niece's First Communion next month.

I bought this dress at Ann Taylor, along with this cardigan in plum, since it will still be a little chilly in Three River City. I also bought this dress with a cool belt for work. Since there was a special where if you buy four regular priced items, you get 40% off you total bill, I ended up getting one dress for free. Sweet!

The only frustrating part of my shopping experience was at the Ann Taylor Loft. They were celebrating Spring by having a live DJ blast club music. Not exactly the kind of thing one would expect in that store, considering it's demographic is 30 and 40-somethings. I just couldn't take it and had to leave.

And I was about to spend an obscene amount of money there too.

Of course, no shopping trip is complete without a stop at Lush for some supplies and the Dog Gourmet for some treats for the Boy.

Now, I am tired. Time for a nap before dinner.


JustMe said...

i love the communion dress!!

BrightStar (B*) said...

Those dresses (plus that cardigan with that dress) will look great on you! Good choices.

The DJ would have been annoying to me, too! What is the deal with that?

What did you get at Lush? I got two bath bombs, a bubble bar, plus a tub of lotion. The customer service person gave me this great hand treatment that involved four products. I enjoyed it. I ended up getting the lotion (most expensive product that I purchased) because I liked it so much during the hand treatment, so the whole situation was a win-win for all.

Rebecca said...

40% off the entire purchase? That is one freaking awesome sale.

Seeking Solace said...

B*: I got a couple of bath bombs and bubble bars. I used the Dorothy Bubble Bar last night. The bubbles lasted a really long time and it turned the water a pretty blue. :)

rented life said...

Love the dresses!! (But you know how I feel about how awesome black and white are!) The Loft experience is just weird. I've never seen that up here.

Shell said...

Oh, SS that first dress *really* rocks.

Kai said...

LOVE your picks! I may have to pick that cardigan up for myself!!