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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'll Pass

Posted by Seeking Solace |

There's a lot I could say about the shooting at the University at Alabama.

I could talk about the fact that there is no justification for killing in this circumstance.

I could talk about the whole gun control issue.

I could talk about the mental health questions.

I could talk about how the media is going to play this out with all kinds of theories and speculation.

I could talk about the probable insanity defense, capital murder or legal strategy.

I could talk about how the entire process of tenure can be, at minimum, a stressful experience, and that I am glad I am not subjected to it at my college.

But, I am already over-saturated with the coverage and the speculation. What happened was tragic, sad and frustrating. But I think what will happened in the days and weeks to come will be a spectacle that takes away from the tragedy.

People are going to come out with their opinion and views. Some insightful, some valid. Some will be offensive and some will be making you think WTF is this person smoking.

But we won't come to any solutions. There won't be any new revelations. There won't be anything profound that will lead to change in anyone's mindset.

Yeah, I sound cynical. But in this world of 24 hour news analysis, U-Tube, and places like Twitter and Facebook where everyone has an opinion, theory or ad nauseam analysis, I just can't see many people really looking at this situation thoughtfully.

So, I'll pass on the analysis and hope for a fair trial, a just result and, for those who lost their lives to rest in peace.


Mad Hatter said...

Well-said. Sadly, I'm not sure there's any analysis that will lead to a real solution.

Anonymous said...

The analysis should come before such incidents in threat assessments. It will all come out eventually and the signs were there. Did people in the threat assessment field learn nothing from Columbine and VA Tech? There have been a lot of school shootings that did not "make" the national media attention. And that's a shame as they are all just as tragic as the others. The analysis needs to be on prevention and I suppose hindsight analysis is a way of doing that. But it should not be done all over the media by an Tom Dick or Harriet the producers can find to fill the spots.

My rant's over too now.

TiredProf said...


I'm not sure there's any way to prevent something like this when there were (apparently) no overt warning signs to family, friends, students, etc. And yeah, having just gone through it, the tenure process is unbelievably stressful, regardless of the outcome. The whole thing s very sad and, as you say, I hope there's a fair trial and a just result that gives the families of those killed and injured some sense of peace/closure.