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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Back In The Game

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I have been quite the slacker with my workout routine. Since relocating, my workouts are sporadic. Now, that I am settled with the Job and the holiday heinousness has passed, it's time to get down to business.

We have a fitness center in our apartment complex, but it has one tredmill, one bike, one elliptical and some Nautilus equipment. Timing is quite critical as one can have good intentions to work out, only to find someone using the piece of equipment that you were planning to use.

There is this girl who absolutely hogs the tredmill. She has the mind set that this tredmill is HERS. If you show up to the gym and she is on it, she does not adhere to the universal 30 minute time limit that most gyms use. She MUST complete her hour. And, if you happen to be on the tredmill during her time, she will give you dirty looks until you finish.

Not a friendly environment.

Today, Husband and I will check out the local Y, in the hopes of resurrecting the routine we had in place prior to moving. We had such great success with that routine when we lived in LES. It is very close to our apartment, so we should have not trouble getting there. Also, I will be teaching an 8 AM class next term which means I will be leaving work around 4:30, allowing us to hit the gym after work (Sorry, but there is no way this girl is getting up at some unholy hour to work out).

I am excited about getting back in the game. I really need it, not just for the physical benefits, but the mental brain boost working out gives. Also, I am hoping that the warmer climate of Yankee Transplant and my new RA treatment regiment will allow me to increase the frequency of working out. Husband is excited too. He loves the stress release that working out brings.
Let's do it!


Psych Post Doc said...

Good luck. I had great success at the local Y in grad school town.

rented life said...

re: treadmill girl, husband said if she shows up when you're on it to slow WAY down. When she glares, smile and say "I'm going to be awhile, I'm not doing this for time, I'm trying to get to so many miles." You won't know how many miles til you get there.

My brother, who you know works at a gym and has an exercise science degree, will walk right up to people at the gym who've been on for longer than 30 min and say "You realize those last (#) minutes did nothing for you, right?" Then goes into the science of why.