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Saturday, November 21, 2009


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One of things that I have had to get used to is returning to a full-time work schedule. Since, I stopped practicing law and focused on teaching, I've only worked part-time, adjunct gigs. Now that I am at New Job, I have to adjust to the 40 hour work week. Of course, that does not include all those stints in grading jail which can easily make a 40 hour week into a 50 or 60 hour week.

Still, it's an adjustment.

Husband had to take the car in for service this morning. I asked him if he was going to take his laptop with him to do work. He thought about it for a second. He decided to take the newest issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine instead. He figured that it would be a great chance to catch up on reading for fun. Later, he told me how happy he was just to read for pleasure and how he got to catch up on some his guitar education.

That got me thinking about time. Like "I don't have enough time to do X." Usually the "X" is something that I want to do, rather than what I have to do. The beauty of only working part time was that I seemed to have more time to read for pleasure, work out, or whatever. Now, I would give anything just to kick back a read a magazine. Even my blogging gets pushed to late in the day. But, there are reasons for that which are beyond my control.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I probably have enough time to do what I need and/or want to do. I think what it is that I become so caught up in all the noise...TV, housework and other stuff. If I actually logged how much time I spend doing mindless or needless stuff, I think I could do those things that I want to do. For example, I wonder how often I just sit on the couch, clicking through the channels, only to watch something just for the sake of watching something on TV. Do I really have to watch that episode again?

I think at some level, it's a conscious choice. I don't think it's the same as "making the time". I think when you say "make the time", you have to add the fun things into an already crowded schedule of all the "must do" things. For me, that just leads to stress and chaos where I ultimately drop the things I want to do under the guise of "I don't have time".

I am going to start making a conscious choice to look for those times when I could be doing something that I enjoy because I want to. I am going to readjust and reallocate the "must do's".

'Cause tomorrow's just another day, and I don't believe in time. (Bonus points for the name of the song!)


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I firmly believe that the kinds of quiet, 'me-time' activities are necessary to stay focused.

So, I always have a few library books to read for fun. I have a few things in the DVR that are 'my' shows --and once in a while I decide I need an "at sea" day... (some of my family decided they liked the 'at sea' days on cruises so much they'd do them at home -- once the tech bubble burst and they lost their money...) -- The guidelines are as follows -- you can do whatever you WANT to do, even if it's something you also think you need to do -- you can eat mostly what you want, maybe get some exercise if that feels good, and generally hang out and read a book if that's what suits you. The only 'rule' is that you can't leave the house / property.. it's your ship. You can, however, get things delivered to you.

rented life said...

itpf you just describe most of our Sundays. Sure we get work done, but we rarely leave the house unless there's a real need. If we can, we might try to not leave the house all weekend. (That's not as easy.)

Shell said...

I do that mindless clicking through the TV sometimes, too, and I think for me it's often that noise that's going on while my brain is processing something else. Kinda like playing tetris while I'm working out a problem.

I can really relate to Hub's taking something along for reading pleasure while waiting. I remember when my kids were young and I'd go to the doctor's office for myself, the waiting room seemed like this great reprieve from all. What! A place where I can read magazines and nobody will talk to me! And I'm going by myself!

I like this post and the idea of logging time. I also waste a lot of time spinning my wheels when i am in transition time after being very busy. Conscious choices help.

Shell said...

igpf, I like the name for that sort of day! We have those days, too, although not nearly often enough.

rented life said...

maybe it's a having cable thing? I get 5 channels, there is no flicking through for something to come up. At least, it only takes 2 minutes.

I also make a point to read a little something that I want to read before bed. Even if it's only 15 minutes, if it takes a month to finish a magazine or several months to finish a book, that's my time.

Seeking Solace said...

Retnted Life: I used to do that. I need to start doing it again.

JustMe said...

woohoo, i'm not too late on the hootie and the blowfish reference!! and by the way, i love the idea of at sea days. totally using it.