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Monday, November 02, 2009


Posted by Seeking Solace |

I sent a CV to Drean Law School for a position teaching research and writing. I applied there last year and make it as far as the selecton committee.

My cover letter was mire personal this time. I wanted the committee to know about how passionate and seriuos I am about teaching law. I have never put myself out there like that. My cover letters are very straightforward. I ann taking a risk putting my feelings out there like thar. But, I think it might give the committee a chance to see the real reason I want to teach law.

In work related news, I have learned a great deal about why no one wants to get rid of B. It is not so much that people lack scrotal circumference, but that B has everyone by the scrotal region. She is "protected" in the legal sense.

Alrigjty then. It seems those rights that I have fought for in the past are burning me right now.

Keep your fingers crossed for Dream Law School.


Rebecca said...

Do you have a time frame for how long the B is legally protected? Is it bearable?

Fingers crossed for Dream Law School anyway.

rented life said...

B sounds like a piece of work. Sending happy thoughts about Dream Law School. That would be SO cool if you worked there. I totally want a tour.

Seeking Solace said...

Rebecca: Her legal protection is a protected class. Sadly, that won't change.

RL: You got it!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If the problem with B is that she's got the personality of a Dementor, then there's probably nothing that can be done.

But -- if the program changes and B's not qualified, then there is some hope... I suppose it would be too much to hope that B lied on her application, which would get her protected-class butt fired.

Really, the fact that B wasn't safely gone before you were hired makes me worry about the organization itself... maybe they'll be able to tempt B with a better job?

Anonymous said...

Crossed! (And good for you putting it out there on the cover.)