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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Posted by Seeking Solace |

One of my students from Former College (The first college I taught), just sent me an email telling me that she just started her Master's in business organizations. She wanted to thank me for being such a great instructor and an inspiration.

I am so proud of my former student. I always knew she would acheive great things. She Is an example of a person who would not let life's crapols get in the way.

That makes me happy

I am going to keep that email.


TiredProf said...

These are the things that keep you going. Many of the rewards come after the fact!

Psych Post Doc said...

Sounds like just what you needed! Yay for you, and yay for her.

comebacknikki said...

Awesome! I love those types of messages! :)

Albatross said...

That is awesome. I haven't had enough experience to have that kind of influence but it makes me want to write some of my undergrad profs.