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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Advice

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Today, I had an appointment with the NP at my new PCP's office. We met a week before to complete the intake process. Although I had my annual exam before I moved, this was just a check up.

We discussed how my RA is doing with the move. My NP gave me the mane of a RA doctor she really likes and thinks I will have a good rapport with. I also mentioned that my anxiety level has been up lately with the whole lack of job situation. I was pleasantly surprised when she said she did not want to change my medication (I take meds for anxiety/depression). Instead, we talked about ways that I can channel those feelings and find positive outlets for my frustration. She thinks my return to exercise and my research plans are an excellent start. She also talked about the importance of deep breathing and allowing myself to just "be". Meaning, allow whatever feelings I have to work themselves out. Don't fight or try to push.

I like that idea.