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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello Out There!

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I have neglected my blog, FB and Twitter. I am just consumed with so much crapola right now.

  • Still unpacking. I think we are 2/3 done.
  • With the unpacking, comes the trips to Target. The closets don't have shelves like the ones in my old house.
  • Trying to organize all our stuff takes time. And it doesn't help that I am OCD about it.
  • Thankfully, the Boy is getting used to his new home. He met two dogs that live in our building, And he knows when it's time to go out on his leash.
  • We have met some great people in our complex. Last night, the complex had a summer pool party. So much fun.
  • Still looking for a job. Sent a couple of resumes, but I don't think I can get arrested in this town.
  • Finished a recommendation for a former colleague.
  • I miss my friends back in LESC.
  • I really need to get back to exercising.
  • I am tired, my back hurts and I have cranks.

I am sure things will settle down soon. I hope!


Anonymous said...

Moving and settling in takes a lot of time and energy. Blogs can wait :-) But we're glad of the update!! Nice to hear that you're enjoying some social activities and the Boy is adjusting well. Hang in there! Good luck in the job search.

rented life said...

Shelves are crucial! We're OCD like you, so organizing anything is a huge project. But worth it when done!

We miss you up here, please send some heat.

BrightStar (B*) said...

hi! Hang in there! Transitions are always difficult... A pool party sounds like fun. :)

Brigindo said...

Moving out of state, especially when you had lived in one place for so long, is a really big transition and will take some time but eventually it will all come together.

Anonymous said...

Yah! on getting 2/3 done! I may...may (really, may...! IF I squint my eyes almost shut I can see the possibility coming...) be moving in August. And I am not at all packed. Want-a come help? ;-)

The reason for my move? Grad school- if I get a graduate assistantship that is. There are several that might fit my skills and experience. But oh boy, moving!

Will have to see what happens in the next two weeks!

Happy unpacking your 1/3 (and I am so jealous of that. HA).


Anonymous said...

Oh and I loved your comment about how you can't get arrested. :) Funny.


Psych Post Doc said...

Congrats on your move! Give yourself time to settle (it really does take more time than one can imagine), and I'm sure the three of you will live a wonderful life in your new town.