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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Settling In

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The movers are here. Husband is directing traffic while I sit on the patio keeping an eye on the Boy.

It has been a rough week. I've have had a serious case of the cranks, mostly because of not having my stuff and being in this state of limbo. But, I see the light at then end of the tunnel. The move finally feels real.

The Boy is starting to adjust. I think it was pretty tough for him. I think he misses have a backyard to roam and frolic. He does go on several walk a day, which makes him happy. Plus, he has met a few of the neighborhood pups. The ladies in the management office just love him. One of them told about the day care she uses for her dog, so I will have to check that out.

I send two CVs yesterday. Now that I have an address in Yankee Transplant, I think I will get a few more bites. I am itching to get back in the classroom.

Husband seems happy with his work arrangement. I think it will be better once the desk is off the moving truck.

The weather her has been very nice, hot is a better word. In Lake Effect Snow Central, it felt more like October. It's more summer like now. I love being able to enjoy my coffee on my patio in the morning without freezing my butt off!

So, we are settling in. I think we are going to like it here.


rented life said...

YEAH! I am glad you got the stuff! Have fun making the place feel like home.

AliceAcademic said...

Yay for getting your stuff and enjoying the pleasure of breakfast on the patio. Do you get any birds out there? I love watching the birds in the morning.