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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Posted by Seeking Solace |

Things are starting to settle down a little. The flare has relaxed a little. I am still quite stiff in the morning. I am going to try to work out next week, slowly. I will stay off the tredmill until I get more strength back. I have an appointment with my RA doc in a couple of weeks. She knows some docs in Target City, so I should be in good shape.

The apartment hunt is going much better. Husband and I are going to Target state in two weeks to look at more places. I am being more selective in my choices. I have found a couple of really good prospects. We decided that we are going to drive to Target State this time. We are trying to save money. Based on Husband's calculations, it will be cheaper to drive. Also, it will give us a trial run before we have to make the trip with the Boy. We are going to split up the drive; it takes 11 hours. Since we only have one drive, I don't think Husband wants to handle all that driving. We will sign a lease before we leave.

I've also put the job search on hold for now. I just have too much stuff going on to worry about that right now. Also, it's that low period when there is not that much activity. In July, when budget and enrollment numbers are more finite, I will pick up the search. Thankfully, Husband's company is being really supportive about his working remotely.

I also need to get the Boy on a flea and tick treatment. We don't have a problem with fleas or ticks in Lake Effect Snow Central, but I guess in Target state they do. So, I will have to contact the Boy's vet for recommendations. I would like to get him started now, so that he is covered when we get to Target state.

Dudes, I still can't believe I am moving in five weeks!


Brigindo said...

When I lived UpNorth, the worry was ticks. Here we have major flea infestations, but ticks are no joke either. I think getting Boy ready is a great idea. Good luck with the apartment hunt.

Prisca said...

You sound like you are making really good decisions about the move, the apt. and your work. I'm sure resolving the housing dilemma will be a huge relief. Hope you continue to feel better.

Hey, how was lunch with the peeps?

Joy said...

I am excited for you! Yeah!! I am glad you are continuing your apt. search since the other one didn't seem to be good.

Don't know if it was noticed but I haven't been blogging. At all. Too much going on, I may come back later. I still read though and I am so happy for you!


Seeking Solace said...

Brigando: I am amazed how bad the fleas and ticks are there!

Prisca: Lunch was great. I am really going to miss those guys and gals!

Joy: I was wondering why I hadn't seen any updates from you. Stay in touch!!!