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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Posted by Seeking Solace |

Last night's workout did not go very well. Ten minutes into my tredmill workout, I had to stop because my knees were just not cooperating. I moved to the bike and the elliptical for 10 minutes each. It was a slow go, but I did it.

This morning, I am in pain and very stiff.

I don't know what caused it. I am always mindful of my workouts and how mcuh I do, so that I don't trigger a flare. I take a day off between workouts to allow my body to rest.

Maybe the weather is the reason. It was rather cold the last couple of days, We had frost the last three mornings. The cold could have done it. Today it is supposed to reach 78 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be over 80.

It could be all the craziness with the selling of the house. But, that's pretty much done. We are waiting for the mortgage commitment letter. Our scheduled close date is July 10th. We don't expect any problems with that.

There are some issues with the new place. We have some serious reservations after I read the reviews from Apartment Ratings website. I did not know about this site when Husband and I toured the place back in March. Had I read the rating and reviews, I would have NEVER gone there. Even if you factor out the people who are bitching just for the sake of bitching and the obvious posts from people who work for the management company, the ratings are just horrible.

I have been searching for new possibilities, and I have found a couple. But this also means another trip to Target State. That's also means spending another $1000.00 dollars that I really didn't want to spend. But, I guess it's better than moving into a place and wishing you didn't.

So I guess my pain could be the result of a lot of things. I just wish I didn't have it right now. But, the glass is half full. I am going to lunch with GML and my peeps from Former College. That is always a good time. And, it's sunny and warm. So after lunch, the Boy and I can soak up some sun in the backyard.

And maybe my pain will subside a little.


Psycgirl said...

My apartment does horrible on apartment ratings online, but I love it. I have no idea why it looks so bad in the reviews. I would trust your instinct more than the online ratings

Seeking Solace said...

Psycgirl: I just don't know. When you factor all the extreme postings, it still doesn't look good.

We are going for a visit in two weeks. Maybe a second look?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

My complex is really mixed on the site as well. Having lived in many apartments, I can tell you the experince seems to depend on the unit. Ours is on the end of the building, so it's pretty quiet. Other folks complaiin about the noise etc..

Before you sign anything, my best advice is to make sure they show you the unit you'll be moving into. The top floor may sound appealing, but remember that heat rises and living on the top floor can be really warm... also, makes sure you check for things like fans in the bathrooms, location in the building and views from the windows.

If you generally like the place, but feel something they can't fix is going to be a pretty big sacrifice, ask for a reduction in rent. You have a good credit rating and they're going to want to rent to you because you'll pay. Make them earn it.

Anonymous said...

I've found that the crazy weather has increased my pain levels the last day or so as well. That plus some underlying stress will do it for sure. I've been walking this week and yesterday had to cut back a bit. You might want to cut back on the exercise and take it a bit easier till the weather evens out.

My suggestion about the apt? Next time you visit, go during a weekend afternoon and walk around and talk to the residents. See how many kids are around, seniors, young 20-somethings, working professionals, etc. You can tell a lot about a place by observing the kinds of people and what they are doing on the weekends. And the best time to do that is a summer weekend after the pool opens and/or school is out!

Good luck! Will be watching for updates.

Cathy said...

I can definitely feel the changes in weather and when under stress, I can feel the pain coming on. Hopefully the weather will even out and you will feel some good days.

Seeking Solace said...

Sherlock and Cathy: Yeah, I can feel the pain coming on! The weather in Lake Effect Snow Central fluctuates so much this time of year. It just makes the RA go crazy. Hopefully, things will be better in Target State.

I am taking a break from exercise.