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Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morning Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

~I spent the weekend doing not much of anything. My cold is gone, which is a good thing.
~I did wake up this morning with a sinus headache, though.
~Maybe it's not a sinus headache, but a tension headache as my boys in Black and Gold failed to show up yesterday in their game against Philly. I don't know who those putzes were that were playing in the black and gold uniforms, but they were definitely not my Boys.
~On the flip-side, Lake Effect Snow Central is going nuts over their Boys being 3-0.
~Since I didn't do any work over the weekend, I have a lot of grading to do.
~But, I am ahead with my lecture notes. Very good thing.
~I need to find a new bag to hold my laptop and other work stuff. I love the bag I currently use, but it has a snap closure which will not be a good thing once the real crappy weather arrives. I had a nice one, but the straps fell apart beyond repair.
~The only bags that I found that I absolutely love cost between $500-$1,000.00. Not in the budget right now. Even if I saved for one, it would be Spring before I could buy it!
~Suggestions anyone? It must be fashionable in addition to being functional. It must fit a laptop and a few work related items like books and stuff. Also, I am sort of a label whore, but a cheap label whore. It's gotta be at a good price!


rented life said...

TArget had some cute ones. granted this was a few weeks ago (so they might be on sale now) and have you checked Penney's? They seem to always have bags on sale.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I like many of the bags, as well as the quality, of the bags I've found at Franklin Covey. Their website often has good stuff on sale.

Take a look at Office Max / Office Depot. They often have the Franklin Covey stuff for less than at the Franklin Covey store.

Seeking Solace said...

I did see a bouple at Target, but they had the snap closure. I think I might hit JC Pennys this week.

Prisca said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hear the weather has been decent the past few days. I hope that's true for you. I'm guessing it is a bit crazy there for the LEC home team. Gosh, when DID they last go 3-0? It feels like forever. Surely it can't last....
Did you check a Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a bag? I've seen some really nice giant size bags there that are pricey for me but might be just what you are looking for. Send a photo of what you do find. I love your vicarious shopping. :)

Geeka said...

what about a lapsac? I have been lusting, and they just came out with new colors.

Albatross said...

I love the Timbuk 2 bags. Most of them are brightly colored messenger bags but they have a few nicer looking ones as well.
They are built to last!