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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Business Law Students

Posted by Seeking Solace |

After grading your exams, I have the following information that will be helpful to you the next time you take a test in my class.

~When I tell you that you must study for a open notes exam...I MEAN IT!
~If there is a term in the answer choices you have never seen or heard me is not the correct choice!
~I ask you not not only choose the correct answer, but the BEST answer. Sure, your choice is a true statement, but it does not properly answer the question!
~Law is filled with exceptions to rules. I always test the exceptions!
~I told you on the first day of class that I often include information that is not in the book and that information is fair game. And just in case you weren't listening then, I did put the same statement in the syllabus. And even if you didn't read that, I said in class as I was introducing the non book information that such information was fair game for a test. So, those of you who thought you could get away with just reading the book have only yourselves to blame.
~That includes those of you who were too lazy, too hung over or not smart enough to talk to someone in the class or the other section. For your own sake, be accountable, or at least a little resourceful.

You are so lucky that I allow you to make corrections to add points to your grade. But in true Professor Seeking Solace style, you will have to tell me why the answer is correct. See, I am one of those professors who actually want you to learn something!

Starting to get another headache and wishing I could drink.
Professor SS