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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Construction Zone

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Day 2 of construction begins. My living room furniture, with the exception of my couch, love seat and giant media cabinet are being housed in my dining room. The Boy is a little lost because he can't get to his downstairs bed. The other items are covered to protect them from the dust.

Speaking of dust, it is freakin' EVERYWHERE!

Luckybuzz asked if I got anything good at Target. I did get these and some workout gear. I love Target's workout stuff. I also got a very nice decorative bowl which will look very nice on my dining room table. (Sorry, I can't find a link for it.)

Well, time to leave the house again. They are installing drywall.


Anonymous said...

Cute sandals! And I'm a fan of Target's workout gear too. I do love me some Target. :)