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Monday, January 14, 2008

Technology and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Now my desktop computer in my home office is AFU!

Granted, it is five years old, but jeez... It gives me these messages that a network connection is unplugged, despite the fact that it IS plugged in. It tells me that it does not recognize my online provider while I am on the Internet. It gives me very bizarre error messages that even Husband can't comprehend.

But the worst is that my software that I use for my grades is damaged and some of my grades from last are missing. And since the software is corrupted, my backup files are AFU. I was able to restore some of my grades. The rest I will have to re-input because I still have the document with the grade. Anything else, I will have to figure out mathematically. At least I use points and not percenteages.

But still, DAMN!!!!!!!!

Then, I spent the morning transferring any remaining important files to my flash drive and laptop. We have a second desktop in our home office, so I can put some of the home stuff on that one with the backups on a flash drive or CD.

I really believe there is some vast conspiracy in which computers and other technology just keel over and die after a set time period, thus forcing us to buy new stuff! And usually it occurs when it is cheaper to buy a new item than to have the old one fixed. (And no, I do not believe in extended warranties, which may be part of the conspiracy.

Wait, it gets worse...

I get a call from my RA doctor's office who complained that they did not receive a report from my eye doctor. One of my meds can cause eye damage, so I must have my eyes checked twice a year. After some phone calls, it turns out the my eye doctor's office was sending the reports to my PCP and not my RA doc.

Crap. Because of all this, I was not able to do what I really wanted to do this morning. Classes start a week from tomorrow and I really need to get some work done. That student who wants to miss the five class sessions was told by the Dean that she should choose another section of suffer the consequences of missing five classes with me. Well, I only allow three absences, after that, I need a doctor's note or something from the jail or bail bondsman (You think I am kidding?). Otherwise, it's a 10 point deduction per absence. So, this girl will be 20 points in the hole before I even see her. Plus, I just can't wait to see if she will turn in her work on time. Not on time means no credit.


Do you think this is a case of the Mondays?


BrightStar said...

I really hate computer problems! Ack! I hope yours work out soon.

"there is some vast conspiracy in which computers and other technology just keel over and die after a set time period, thus forcing us to buy new stuff."

Yes. Absolutely there is. No doubt. There's a term for this: planned obsolescence... I learned this term only a few weeks ago, and I think it's a very real phenomenon designed to promote continuous consumption. It keeps our economy going in the short term, but in the long term creates excessive waste. (I'm in the phase with this phrase when I try to use my new vocabulary to remember it!)

I hope this is just a case of the Mondays and that thinks look up for you later today or tomorrow!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Isn't is amazing how computer snaffu's can make one really, really cranky? I just had one myself. I hope the doctor stuff gets sorted out soon.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

yes, it is a case of the Mondays....

We were just watching that movie over the weekend.. Hubby uses it in his power class -- they love him.

Alice said...

Maybe Tuesday will be better... ;)

Anonymous said...

definitely a case of the mondays, so sorry...i hope that tomorrow is better as well.