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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nice Try

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I have this student from my Critical Thinking class who is insisting that she should have received a "D" instead of an "F". I sent her an email, explaining that she did not submit two essays, one of them being the final. Well, I just received an email in which she "claims" that she submitted it.

Sorry hon, but that dog won't hunt.

I made it a requirement that all students hand deliver the final to me at my office on the due date. I checked off every student that submitted a paper on my roll sheet. I did not accept any email submissions. I also stopped accepting papers at noon on the due date. I had a sign on my office door in 16 point bold font stating that no papers would be accepted after noon on the due date.

I swear, I think I am going to institute a policy in which the student signs in their paper. In other words, each time a student submits something, they have to sign a sheet stating they submitted the assignment. Plus, I think I am no long going to accept email submission. I require read receipts, but there is always the "My computer crashed." or My printer doesn't work."

This is just crazy. And I am tired of the bullshit.

I think I am going to notify the Dean on this one. I have a feeling that this student will not go away quietly.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when students try this! I actually went to requiring that all work be emailed to me, because then there is a time/date stamp on it. I send an "I got it" message when I read and save the email. I say go to the dean - if the student does try to take it further, you've given the dean a heads up; if the student doesn't, it's no big deal. I always wonder why students think we profs are stupid about this kind of thing! Like we don't keep track of who hands in what, or who cuts a class, or who is actually using the laptop to take notes, etc.
Hee-hee - I just realized this kind clearly didn't learn much about critical thinking!

Arbitrista said...

Thank you so much for reminding me why I quit teaching! :)

Seeking Solace said...

Arbitrista: Always glad to help!

Nels said...

The sign-in sheet is not a bad idea. When I apply for local, in-house grants, we have to sign in when we submit. You could say that it's just part of the professional environment. Not a bad idea!

rented life said...

I have her twin brother. This guy STILL doesn't get why he got an F. I CC boss onto all correspondance with him.

Now you know why I do not accepted e-mailed homework. It's just not an option.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I like the 'sign in the paper' idea... The paper turn in ritual has them come to you in class, put a paper on the pile and initial next to their name.

I stopped e-mail submissions a long time ago, only because it ended the 'the e-mail system ate my message' and other 'the technology sucked my brilliance into the ether' excuses...

My very favorite one was a student who claimed to have turned it into our department secretary --who NEVER lost things.... because her method of accepting them was to tell the student to go across her office and put the paper in the prof's mailbox... When I told the student that I hadn't received the paper, she stormed off to have words with the secretary.... but, funny--- the secretary was both there and didn't have any words with a student.... hmmm