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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Over

Posted by Seeking Solace |

My student responded to my email by saying that it wasn't her fault that she had a family emergency and had to email her paper. Then she "thanked" me for my time.

So, this is my fault?

I did not recieve an email from this student indicating that she had a family emergency and asked if she could email her paper. If I had received such an email, I would have allowed her to submit the paper, just to avoid this exact situation. And, I would have kept the email in my files, just in case there were any issues.

The whole situation sounds made up to me. Every time I responded to one of her allegations, she would come back with another excuse. I am sure I could write back and say "Well, if I had received an email from you regarding your situation, I would have allowed you to submit the paper." But, I just don't want to hear the plethora of excuses, such as "Well, I tried to email it, but my computer was down and you wouldn't give me an extension."

I am going to dignify her latest message with a response. She is backed into a corner now. If she goes to the Dean, she will have to produce proof that she attempted to contact me. She doesn't have it and she knows it. Her "thanking" me may be one last futile attempt at a slap/guilt trip.

In my mind, the matter is settled.


righteous babe said...

I don't know if I'd bother to write back. It's adding fuel to the fire if you do.

I'm not sure how many kids actually go to our dean about this stuff. I think they have the mentality that if they wear us down enough it will change their grade.

Seeking Solace said...

RB: At my last college, if the instructor did not cave, the students would immediately go and cry to the Dean. It's a pain becuase you have to take time out to get your ducks in a row, have a meeting with the Dean and the student, only to listen to the student bitch and moan again. Then, it was "Well, can you do anything for this student?"

It's just a pain in the ass!

Weezy said...

I feel for you girl, just stick all the emails in a file and let it be. Hopefully she will learn that she is beat....but still all sucks.

If only we could just teach and not have to worry about the drama students create...

Abbey said...

I wouldn't respond either. However, are you sure the 'thank you for your time' wasn't just a canned response? I use it pretty regularly myself when interacting with profs.

Alice said...

Yeah, I get many "excuses" like the one described. Do you have anything on your course syllabus about late assignments? My course syllabi state: "I will not accept late assignments unless (1)there is a valid excuse and (2) I am informed immediately; both conditions must be met."