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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sleep Has Left Me Alone

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I am having trouble sleeping..again.

I was pretty sore on Monday. Working out plus all the cleaning I did resulted in some pain. I felt some pain in my joints too which made me wonder if an RA flare was going to rear it's ugly head. I guess the lesson is that I can't work out and do any major housework on the same day. Sleeping can be difficult when the joints ache. Pain meds help, but sometimes I feel a little drowsy. I do take a multi vitamin, plus, B complex, vitamin D and fish oil.

Husband's snoring has increased. It's kinda frustrating because we are sure that he does not have sleep apnea. (He did a sleep study over the summer.) Husband tried the Breathe Right strips, but they just don't work. He did try the throat spray which did help a little. I usually end up kicking him out and sending him to the guest room. He is really sweet about it. He feels bad, actually, that he keeps me awake.

My guess is that my sleep is screwed up becuase my life schedule is screwed up. When I am on a regular schedule, I usually get a decent amount of sleep, even with the snoring. The holidays and now the continued winter break have changed all of that. Even though the Boy herds me out of bed every morning no later than 8:30 AM, I am still tired. Even after a nap, which only lasts about an hour, I don't feel rested.

So I guess I have to start back on my schedule, like I was back to work, even though I have another week and a half of break. It's just as well. Since I am a new adjunct, I got the short straw on courses. I have ALL 8 AM courses this semester. Five days a week. Also, I need to get my courses ready to go. It looks like I will be teaching the third class this term. That means I have two courses that I have never taught before and one that I have taught. Three separate preps. On top of that, I have some ideas for articles, so I want to have as much done with coursework so I can work on that project. It will not go well if I am exhausted.

So tonight I will take my shower before bed, set the timer to record SVU (At least House is a repeat, so I won't get sucked in) and wind down so that I can go to bed at 10 PM.


Joy said...

Sorry you're having trouble sleeping. I have trouble too but it's because all I want to do is stay up. I'm going to be in trouble when I have to get up for work!

Hope your aches and pains go away and your sleep returns!

rented life said...

It's 10:32, do you know where your children are? :) Just wondering if you're up cause I am.

I usually can't sleep because I'm thinking too much.

Anonymous said...

i'm with rented life, my brain is too hyper. i hope you get some good sleep ss.

Kai said...

No sleep here either. I too am off my schedule and haven't been sleeping well/at all.

May the sleep fairies help us all!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I've done the all 8 AM class thing -- it is icky, but at least you are done early....

Getting back into your normal routine should help, I know it helps me.

Seeking Solace said...

I with all of you. I also can't seem to shut my brain off!!!

Anonymous said...

Have y'all considered thought racing. It's a symptom where one wakes up and can't get back to sleep because of all the stuff they're thinking about. It's a symptom of depression.