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Saturday, January 05, 2008

No Joy at Seeking Solace's House Tonight

Posted by Seeking Solace |

My boys in Black and Gold are done for the season.

Now, I don't care who wins the Super Bowl, so long as they beat the Patriots. I hate them so much that I would even root for Dallas.


rented life said...

That's damn near blasphemous given where you live dear girl. No Dolphins, no cowboys. You should know the rules by now.

My cousin is a hard core Patriots fan. When they won the super bowl last time he got their logo tatooed on his arm (cheesy)

Mad Hatter said...

I share your hatred of the Patriots, so I'll overlook the comment about my 'Boys! :-)

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

If you root for Dallas, I swear I will never read your blog again! (I'm still quite pissed over my Skins' loss last night. Grrr.)

Anybody but the Pats and the Boys!

RageyOne said...

I'm with you on not rooting for the Pats. Since my team is nowhere to be found, I'm cheering for the Packers (that's Z's team).