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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Morning Murmurs

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  • I was sure that Baltimore would beat NE. My boys in Black and Gold get a crack at 'em next week. They have the best shot of kicking NE's ass.
  • Sign seen on TV during the Steelers game on Sunday night. Five Rings...No Cheating.
  • Today is another day where I will give my students a chance to seek help for their papers. I hope my other classes take advantage of the time.
  • Prisca asked about my eval. I sent an email to the Dude. He should be sending me something this week.
  • The Boy has a new girlfriend. Her name is Libby and she is a German Shepard. Libby has been pining for the Boy for some time now. He is just starting to reciprocate. Unfortunately, his method of showing his "love" sent him to doggie time out twice last night.
  • It is really cold here. Plus, we had our first measurable snow.
  • OK, time to get to work on grading. I have some CT essays to grade.


kayni said...

I wish we had snow already. All we have is rain and wind...arghgh